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To Courage and Self Esteem Challenge

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Here are a few examples of what we will cover.

  1. Pick Something You’re Scared Of And Do It Anyway 
  2. Focus On What’s Important To You 
  3. How Goals Can Help You Boost Your Confidence 
  4.  Do What You’re Good At And What Makes You Happy On A Regular Basis 1
  5. Negative Self-Talk 
  6. Random Acts Of Kindness 
  7.  Volunteering 
  8.  Stop Complaining And To Focus On Solutions

Join Us!  We are excited to get started.

Working with  women everywhere to help them to remember who they are when they have forgotten.  

 It is your birthright to be happy!

Caterina Barregar, 

Relationship and Self Esteem Coach 

Women's Empowerment Expert

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